Linux Mint Cinnamon 2.0 – Review ( They’re doing it right )

I’ve been using linux – mainly Ubuntu for almost 2-3 years now.
I started with Ubuntu 11.04. And as the updates from Canonical rolled in, I hated every new design decision that they were taking.

1. Removal of custom command in open with dialog box – I mean, when you can offer both the options why remove one?
2. Removal of option to create custom launcher – WHYYY?
3. Growing number of problems with the Nautilus file manager – like how they removed being able to go to root drive, or the extra efforts to add a folder to the bookmarks bar.
4. The pre-installed movie player – needed a billion codecs before any file could actually be played
5. The pre-installed music player was no good.
6. Empathy – the messenger couldn’t do basic things such as work behind a proxy
7. Badly integrated social networking menus that weren’t useful.

The power of linux lies in it’s stability and customizability. With every new update, I would cringe as they made things that could be done in a few simple clicks worth much more effort.

Welcome Linux Mint.

I downloaded the Maya 13 Cinnamon version. The interface was clean. It was built for people familiar with windows, with a bar at the bottom including the start-like menu button for applications, and the closing buttons on the right. It came pre-installed with VLC as the media player. For music, I prefer Clementine ( another brilliant design and execution).

Soon after that, Cinnamon 2.0 was released. I decided to install it ( even though it’s not yet available in the official repositories for Maya).

Behold Brilliance. Customizability + Design at a new level.

1. Applets:  title bar

CPU Cycle control.
CPU  Temperature Multicore
CPU usage %age (can select graphs as well)
RAM usage %age(can select graphs as well)
Network usage graph

And many more…! All with a single click from the applets panel.Applets_003

2. Desklets

Workspace 1_004

For improving your productivity.( here using an accuweather desklet)

All with a few clicks.

3. Hot Corners


Screenshot from 2013-12-02 11:21:41

4. Custom Commands in file manager are back.

Wordpress - Installing plugin and updating wp Properties_005

5. Creating Custom Launcher is back + useful right click menu options, like open as root.


6. Extensions


7. Alt-Tab cover flow/ Timeline options.

(Cover Flow)

Workspace 1_011

8. Natural Scrolling ( Improved Mouse options)

Mouse and Touchpad_012

9. Ubuntu based apps.
Being a fork of Ubuntu, all precise-pangolin apps work for Linux Mint 13.

Definitely an IDE to look out for.