Shift Google Chrome buttons to the left

Google chrome still uses the old gconf file for it’s configuration.
If you like me use linux mint, but prefer the mac like configuration of buttons on the left, this is something that you would be interested in.

Manually :

Install gconf-editor

 sudo apt install gconf-editor 

open it up by typing gconf-editor.

Go to : set /apps/metacity/general

and on the right find the button layout key setting.

the current string set there is expected to be : menu:minimize,maximize,close

change that to : close,minimize,maximize:

That’s it, you’re done.

3 finger gestures in ubuntu 16.04

Easy Peasy.

Install touchegg.

sudo apt install touchegg

To enable 3 finger and above touch in Ubuntu 16.04 (of course be sure your touchpad driver supports multitouch, or else upgrade your kernel)

Go to your home directory and create a .xprofile with the following content.

synclient ClickFinger3=0
synclient TapButton3=0
touchegg &

Now when you boot your laptop, you’ll be able to use gestures.

To configure the gestures, you can go to

sudo vi .config/touchegg/touchegg.conf

It’s a pretty self explanatory config file. But here’s some references.

touchegg actions

touchegg gestures

touchegg FAQ

Chrome Bookmarks Profiler

Hi all,

So here’s a small chrome extension I built that I personally find pretty useful.

The idea is, that while working at office, surfing the web at home, or building a new website, for each instance, I use a different set of websites to quick browse. So I felt it would be real nice to have something that can quickly switch out your bookmarks bar from different sets of bookmarks.

I couldn’t find anything like that in the chrome webstore, so I built it myself.

Here’s a link to it.

Here are some screenshots.

Screenshot from 2015-12-05 20:22:33Screenshot from 2015-12-05 20:21:49

If you like this enough to wanna see it in the chrome webstore, just donate 5 dollars. It’s the developer fees, and I’m a student, with no spare money!

You can do a transfer, just hit me up for details.

For the rest, feel free to enjoy it for free. That’s what I’m doing.

UPDATE : Here’s a link to the official extension:

Invert Fn Function Key Behaviour in Linux

Hey all,

Here’s a small tip that I thought should be documented.

If your fn key is behaving opposite to the way you want it to, there are likely 2 causes:

  1. Either your bios setting is the opposite of what you want
  2. Or your linux is interpreting differently.

Here are a few solutions :

  1. Try pressing fn + NumLock key
  2. Try pressing fn + ~ key (it’s the one before a 1 on most US keyboards)
  3. Press fn + Esc Key (Or look for a key with a lock sign on it)
  4. Go to the bios and look for the function key option to change it.

2 worked for me on linux!


Linux : Access Mounted Drive from Media Servers

So for the longest time, I had been annoyed, because I could just not get plex media server to access all the songs, or videos on my partitioned hard drive, which I had configured to mount at boot time.

I went deep with it, trying to figure out if there was any way to change the default umask for mounting drives so that I could give any system process the permission to read contents from the drive.

And finally the solution:

Mount your drive at /mnt instead of /media. The instructions on how to mount your drive are here.The only difference will be to use this line in the fstab entry.

 UUID=<previously-copied-uuid> /mnt/<mydiskname> ntfs defaults 0 0 

doing this allowed my drive to be accessed by the plex media server, since the system treated it not as an external removable drive with limited permissions.