Chrome Bookmarks Profiler

Hi all,

So here’s a small chrome extension I built that I personally find pretty useful.

The idea is, that while working at office, surfing the web at home, or building a new website, for each instance, I useĀ a different set of websites to quick browse. So I felt it would be real nice to have something that can quickly switch out your bookmarks bar from different sets of bookmarks.

I couldn’t find anything like that in the chrome webstore, so I built it myself.

Here’s a link to it.

Here are some screenshots.

Screenshot from 2015-12-05 20:22:33Screenshot from 2015-12-05 20:21:49

If you like this enough to wanna see it in the chrome webstore, just donate 5 dollars. It’s the developer fees, and I’m a student, with no spare money!

You can do a transfer, just hit me up for details.

For the rest, feel free to enjoy it for free. That’s what I’m doing.

UPDATE : Here’s a link to the official extension:


IPtalk (A new IPmessenger)

So me along with a few friends have developed a new LAN messenger for windows and linux, and all things that run a .jar file.

It helps people on the same LAN to communicate, as well as share files with each other and anyone else on the LAN. It works like any decent chat messenger without the need for making a server.

Download it from here


And here’s where you can report bugs.
report bug

Try it out!