Useful Commands

lsblk – to find disk and partition name
ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid OR sudo blkid – to find UUID/more info of a partition
grep – to extract line, awk – to extract text.
lspci – for system drivers and devices information
lastlog – to view all existing users in system
net usershare info – info about the samba shares
iw list – Lists all properties of your network card
xprop – Grabs all properties of current window
glxinfo | grep OpenGL – lists detailed info about graphics card driver installed.
dpkg –info file.deb | grep Package – package name in deb file
sudo route add -net  netmask gw  – to edit iptables to let packets addressed to a certain network go through the normal gateway, (useful for VPN where all traffic is routed through an external gateway)
gconf-editor –set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout –type string “close,minimize,maximize:” – To shift google chrome buttons to the left! (if the command doesn’t work, try manually!)
apt-cache search – To search linux programs through terminal
netstat -lnp – To list the pid and process name next to each listening port.

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